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Construction Company Grows Online Authority With 400% More Backlinks

A construction company in California contacted us because they wanted to improve their rankings and grow their online business. Since the early 2000s, this small family-owned and operated business has provided specialized services to its service area.

We knew that a proper SEO strategy that included content and link building would increase monthly website traffic, but the company also wanted to improve its local SEO. For service-based businesses like this client, local SEO is just as important as general SEO.

We knew we were the right agency for this small business as soon as we started talking to them.

The SEO Audit

Before we can develop a winning strategy, we must first conduct an audit of a client's website to determine its strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

We began by researching their monthly web traffic. Even though there had been some historical growth, the company's monthly visitor count never exceeded 250. During the same time period, the number of ranking keywords remained around 100.

Earning backlinks is a powerful and effective way to increase traffic to a website. A backlink is created when an external website links to your website, which is usually done through content such as blogs. At any given time, the construction company had an average of 20 backlinks.

Finally, we determined that the current traffic was worth a few hundred dollars per month. The client did not have pay-per-click (PPC) ads, but that is how much it would cost to pay for the same amount of traffic if they did.

“Easy Win” Keyword Reseearch

he following step in the process is to look for "easy win" keywords. These are keywords ranked 4-30 that we can easily add to a client's website to get immediate results.

These keywords are usually of low to medium difficulty and have a low cost-per-click (CPC) value. They will not necessitate as much effort as those ranked Nos. 1-3.

We discovered 150+ "easy win" keywords. These keywords not only provide us with topic ideas for new blogs, but they can also be used throughout web pages to boost rankings.

Competitive Gap Analysis

There is a lot to be learned from researching the competition. We look for unique keywords that our competitors are ranking for after identifying the "easy win" keywords. These are keywords that we can incorporate into our SEO strategy in order to remain competitive

Thirty-seven domains compete directly with the construction company. Some of these domains resemble the client more than others. Many of their services overlap, but we recognize that every business is unique.

With one competitor, for example, we discovered 445 keywords for which our client was not ranking. This list could be combed through by our team in search of relevant keywords that would aid our SEO strategy.

The Seo Strategy

We're ready to design and implement an individualized SEO strategy after we've completed an audit of the client's site and a competitive gap analysis.

The first step was to populate the website with content. The importance of content in attracting new online visitors cannot be overstated. They also contribute to the development of a company's authority in that field.

For the client, our team researched trending topics and effective keywords. We also managed internal and external links and made certain that all content had a strong call to action. We also used linked building blogs and guest posts, which are two of our most popular SEO services.

We reached out to existing blogs in the client's niche using our link-building service. These backlinks boost a client's domain authority and notify Google that the website is a valuable resource. A diverse set of backlink sources and anchor texts was also part of the link-building strategy.

This client also specifically requested that we optimize their local SEO so that they can rank on Google My Business and appear near the top of the map pack. Google My Business is an excellent tool for local businesses to appear in search results. They enter business information, confirm operating hours, respond to local reviews, and upload media.

Google determines local ranking based on how well the business matches the search, distance from the user, and local prominence.

The Results

We were excited to report results to the client after a few months of using this new strategy. Their traffic began to increase in the middle of 2021.

This summer, the client's monthly visitors increased from less than 250 to a record 1,500. One way we did this was by ranking for more keywords in blogs and web copy. They also began to appear prominently in the Google map pack.

In the beginning, the client only ranked for about 330 keywords, as shown below. We increased their organic keyword count to 750, which included a significant increase in keywords ranked 4-10.

Link building was also an important part of the SEO strategy. When they first started working with us, the construction company had about 20 backlinks on average. With our new guest posts and link outreach, the client was able to keep close to 100 backlinks. That's a 400% increase in backlinks!

One of the most exciting outcomes was a significant increase in their traffic value. Their traffic was initially valued at a few hundred dollars per month, but it is now worth $2,553.

- The Takeway

Your business's SEO strategy can make or break it. With the right strategy, you can gain thousands of new monthly visitors. Doing nothing can keep your company stuck in the status quo.

NuReach’s mission is to get to know our clients. We want to understand their business model and their long-term objectives. As a result, we can collaborate with them to develop an effective SEO strategy that will help them grow their business.