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The importance of Social Media In Construction

To put it plainly — your target audience and ideal
buyer is on social media.

We know your ideal buyer is on social media. How does that drive results for your construction company and potentially contribute to your bottom line? The answer is, it depends on the quality of your social media marketing strategy, and your goals for your social media accounts. Social media marketing works in a few ways. It can be:

An amplification platform for your brand. A way to get your great news and exceptional content into the hands of the people who want it.

A tool to increase your brand awareness. The more recognizable your brand, the more people are likely to remember you, and choose you for their next construction project.

A way to connect with your audience. By engaging with your followers on social media, you can invest in some social listening. When you’re able to determine common pain points and questions your audience has, you can develop solutions that address them.

A lead generation machine.If done well, you can use social media to drive leads to your website and construction company. It’s important to understand what that looks like, however, so you’re measuring your results properly.

How Construction Companies Can Get Started
with Social Media Marketing.

Getting your social media marketing strategy off the
ground can take a bit of work.

For construction companies especially, the toughest part seems to be just getting started. Follow these 6 steps to give our construction company’s social media marketing a bit of structure, so you’re sure to stick with it.

Here Are Some Popular Content Strategies
For Construction Companies.

Photos of your projects – before, during, and after

A day in the field

Industry news and insights

Talk about yourself

Who is inspiring you

Awards and accolades

Tricks of the trade

Blog posts and other self-produced content

Contests to engage followers


Here At Nureach We Offer Tailored Services To
Kickstart Your Social Media Journey:

Social Media Calendar

Monthly social media content calendar, post copywriting hashtag research and optimization, scheduling, posting, and creative assets built from vour priority content pillars

Content Creation

Scheduling & timeline, pre-production meetings, casting, location, technical scouting, crew, equipment, etc for photography, videography, carousel assets, GIF assets, Instagram Reels & TikToks

Community Management

Monitoring of posts and audience feedback, fro engagement and praise to complaints and inquiries, we monitor brand sentiment, reactions, questions into your service, and more

Data & Analytics

A successful social media strategy must include data and analytics to monitor number of posts types of posts, measurements of success, accomplishments, insights, top performers, and trends over time.

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